Personality Analysis by Handwriting

Personality Analysis is the generic term assigned to the assessment of an individual’s personality through different methods such as psychometric tests, behavioral studies and graphology (the study of handwriting). Personality essentially means the inherent characteristics of a person which are deep within and which control and influence the person’s thinking pattern, emotions, conduct and the reaction to various situations. Personality is embedded in a person’s subconscious mind. An individual’s personality is typically shaped by the following factors: 1. Hereditary – Those inherent traits which are shaped by the genes. 2. Family and Cultural Surroundings – This is perhaps the biggest contributor to the development of a person’s personality as it is the immediate family and their approach towards a child during her formative years that ultimately form the inherent characteristics in them. 3. Situational Experiences – As one goes through life, various situations encountered and experienced also contribute towards evolving of one’s personality. We do not need to conduct some high end personality analysis to deduce that each human being on this planet has a unique personality. We also know that though there may be strong similarities with others, yet each individual possesses a unique handwriting much like finger prints. So does it mean that our personalities have a linkage to our handwriting patterns? Years of analysis of both personalities and handwriting styles have given us a positive answer. Graphology experts have proved that in the act of writing and its outcome on paper, lies the reflection of one’s subconscious mind. A person’s handwriting varies in times of stress, illness or other forms of negative disturbance compared to the times when a person is writing with a positive, happy frame of mind. This is because the brain controls the muscles which participate in the act of writing. It has also been proven that change handwriting is always accompanied by a change in personality. The most obvious example being that, as a child grows, the changes in handwriting is always accompanied by the progressive development and modification of her personality. The question then arises, that is it possible to change one’s personality by the conscious change of handwriting? The answer once again is a yes but it needs to be done under the guidance of an expert in graphotherapist. Graphotheraphy is a science which combines the techniques of personality analysis with handwriting analysis to bring about positive changes in the personality through the change of handwriting. An expert graphotherapist is able to identify the traits for improvement in a person, she is able to advise on the changes that would needed to be made in the handwriting style so as to either completely eliminate or reduce the negativity. The scientific explanation to this is that, when a person consciously makes changes in her handwriting style, she is also sending out messages to her subconscious mind making alterations to her negative traits or strengthening her positive ones. So, over a period of time, with consistent practice and tenacity, it is possible to improve one’s personality and at the same time observe a change in the handwriting style.

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