The Future of Printing Los Angeles

Speculation may be the most fun thing we can do in the world of evolving and quickly changing technology. We’ve been speculating all throughout our history as we’ve grown and advanced. We’ve always wanted to know where things are going to go next and there’s even some argument that speculation has created the technology. Look back to the 1960s when the original Star Trek aired on TV. Replicators and communicators were completely wild. A phone without cables and a device that can print/create anything? Now we have cell phones and 3D printers. We’re edging closer and closer to Scifi. Well now we have printing, Los Angeles so let’s speculate about that and maybe some of it will happen. We’ve all heard that print media is dying and in a sense, that’s got some validity. The business around printing newspapers and magazines is dying but dying may be the wrong word for what’s happening. The much better word is that the industry is evolving. The standard print is becoming a digital print of content and items. There’s less demand that it be on paper and anyone who hasn’t been under a rock for the last 10 years knows why that makes sense. It’s also better for the companies that make the transition as the overall costs are lowered by the migration. Let’s forget about going digital for a moment. That might be for the best as going digital opens up a whole new can of worms that’ll be hard to put back. One of the newest things that the printing industry is looking into is inkless printing. There’s a company called Zink Imaging that has already made this technology a reality using a special paper that responds to heat. Now thermal printing is nothing new. It’s commonly used to print receipts and if you ever had one of those cameras that popped out the photo that you had to wait for then you’ve seen some examples of thermal printing. Odds appear to be strong that thermal printing is the future of mass-market printing for things such as publishing houses and other industries that have to print in large quantities. The cost should be lowered due to the lack of ink and you’ll also see fewer errors or mistakes as smudges and other ink-related problems. The other major development in the last 5 years is the advent of 3D printing. This isn’t used for traditional text but instead used to create 3D objects based on models that are designed in the computer and then printed. This is done through either an additive or subtractive method depending on the printer and the need. These work by (in the case of additive) adding material in layers until the product has been made or they steadily remove material (subtractive) until all that’s left is the piece needed. As 3D printing develops it has some pretty major applications on the printing and manufacturing space. If the additive method can be upscaled it could create a world where there is much less waste from manufacturing processes currently in use. There are quandaries and moral questions that arise as this technology comes into more consumer hands. These have been evident as soon as the first 3D gun was printed. The world of printing is still evolving and changing around us and printing is right there with it. However, there are some stable placing when you need to find printing Los Angele s. There you’ll be able to get most of your printing needs taken care of and it won’t be long before they start to offer 3D printing in some of these houses. Speculate away, technology is moving too fast to do otherwise.

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