Lead Generation Strategies For Your Digital Marketing Agencies in 2019

A business is always in the need of new customers. Generating new leads is the biggest challenge digital marketers’ face. The quality of their service and content strategies help digital marketing agencies in London to drive more traffic and attract the targeted audience. No matter how the market change or evolve, it will always be in the need for more traffic and improved conversion rate. These lead generation ideas will definitely bring some impressive results to your business. 1. Web page optimization: If you got to do something right, you need to start from roots. Website is the most basic thing when it comes to an eCommerce store and that is why you need to check its functionality first of all. Scan your website for errors like poor loading, lagging speed, and bad user interface shoo away the traffic rather than attracting it. Use a tool to analyse your website. 2. Running A/B tests: It can be quite helpful to know which page of your website is causing more traffic. Running A/B tests will allow you to identify the page. Statistical analysis will help you identify its performance. You may enhance your conversion rate and lead generations by shortening the forms. 3. Routine website checks: Most of the merchandisers check their websites only if something is broken or there are bugs. The laid back approach can turn away your customers even before you know it. Instead of increasing traffic, you will start losing your clients. A weekly scan is recommended to run your website smoothly. 4. A mobile-friendly website version is crucial: Google gives preference to websites that have their mobile versions. Smartphone optimised websites are preferred because of their smooth user experience. Most of the people access different shopping stores through their cell phones and that’s how a website not responsive to mobile phones, lose its customer base. Developers should scan their full websites from time to time and target the pages that are not mobile friendly. 5. Keep updating keywords: It can be very beneficial to uncover the keywords; your competitor is generating traffic from. Thus, you can optimise your content effectively and rank higher. Adding long-tail keywords to your website can help you generate leads. 6. Create lead magnets through SEO: If you run an SEO company in London, you would know that only design of the website is not sufficient to create the traffic. You need to create SEO strategies to achieve top ranks in Google results. Visitors download lead magnets in exchange for their email address or other contact details that can be persuaded further. 7. Personalise your content: If you really want to increase conversions, you cannot rely upon a generalised landing page. Personalised content for your website is necessary if you want to address a large spectrum of masses. It will help to identify each person’s desires and wants and channelise it to generate more leads. 8. Use social media: Social media marketing is immensely useful when it comes to lead generation. Recording and playing podcasts on your social media channel will generate new leads for you. Get in touch with bloggers and vloggers to generate traffic on your site and earn more leads.

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