Can Google Reviews Make Any Impact on Your SEO Ranking?


No business can grow and prosper unless the business is backed by an effective marketing strategy. Before internet was in our life, people used to find their businesses, either through word of mouth or by advertising in many different media, which was an expensive way to market.

In the word of mouth, if many people speak very high about any product or service then the same business could get more customers and more profit too. In the same way, if too many people start saying negative about any product then the business performance can have serious dent.

The concept of “word-of-mouth” can affect any business even today however, the business of enhancing the reputation of any business has been taken over by technology. The word of mouth has been replaced by online reviews particularly we are referring to Google review.

Any negative Google review these days can make serious negative effect on any business unless the company tries to address the problem as soon as possible.

Search engines also take note of customers’ feedback. They will just not go through what any business is saying about themselves but also what their customers are saying about them.

To make the things a little more clearly, a recent study was conducted by taking a sample of 30,000 online businesses. It was observed that their SEO rankings was significantly improved just because there were more positive customer reviews.

Therefore, in today’s business scenario, the online reviews have got a major role in your SEO strategy. Positive reviews on any business can have implications on any business and they can affect the following:

  • Customers purchasing decisions
  • Your rankings in the results of search engines
  • Which search results will get more clicks

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Why Google Reviews can affect SEO rankings?

Google is also working on the same old principle of word of mouth however, it is now in the form of reviews. It will factor in not only the quantity of reviews but also quality of reviews and then evaluate the ranking on search results.

It is almost like customers try to read online reviews and then make their decision about purchase, in the similar manner Google search engine also do the same.

Therefore, we can say that a customer or user of the product and search engines have almost the same purpose and that is to find the best supplier or service provider. Therefore, Google will try to weed through the large crowd of suppliers available on the web and try to offer you the best information, product, or service in the quickest way possible.

Let us say when you try to do a local search by using a term like “Thai restaurant” into Google, then 3 main factors are going to affect ranking of each of the site displayed:

  • Distance
  • Relevance
  • Prominence

Google will then try to present Thai or any Thai fusion restaurant choice that are located within the immediate vicinity.  Reviews will fall into the prominence category. A Thai restaurant having many highly rated reviews will outrank any closer local competitor in case they have fewer, or less positive reviews and ratings.

How Google reviews and ratings can benefit your SEO

The following are the four ways on how positive reviews can help you to increase your SEO ranking.

  1. Search engines gets input from Google reviews 

In digital marketing, your content is the king. If there are enough interaction between you and your customers are found then Google takes note of it.

  1. Google reviews can boost social SEO

Social network these days play a major role. If many people found to be commenting on your business in the social network then it helps.

  1. Google reviews help your website ranking for long-tail keywords

By choosing a well-researched long-tail keywords on your content can greatly help in improving your search engine ranking.

  1. Google reviews naturally shape the basic SEO attributes

Any websites are usually optimized by a few basic attributes like:

  • Keywords
  • Headings
  • Internal links

Customer reviews can work like link builders and also keyword distributors, and improve your SEO without your effort.

Therefore, if your business is not getting sufficient positive reviews then you are likely to lose in the business competition.

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