Spiritual Expansion – Connecting With Angels Through Intuition And Dreams

Two of the ways in which you can connect with Angels is through dreams and being open to receiving guidance through your intuition, the still-small voice within. Reaching through the veil between realms can be a challenge if you are resistant to raising your vibration. Angels have a very high energy which is why they are difficult to see with physical eyes. It is much easier to see with your inner-sight or sense Angels through emotion and through energy. It is possible to connect with Angels during your sleep-time when the veil between the Realm of Spirit and the physical realm is thinner, more transparent. A dream is another type of language, a means of communication by-passing the conscious mind. One of the best ways to connect with Angels during dreamtime is to meditate just before going to sleep. Try lighting some incense focusing your thoughts on the scent allowing your thoughts to drift softly. Ask your Guardian Angels to connect with you in a way you can easily understand and recognize, asking for any messages they may have for you while you sleep. Don’t be surprised if you remember your dreams when you wake. You might choose to have a notebook and pencil to record any thoughts or images before you start your day. Trust what you write down, you can always come back later to ask what the images and thoughts mean to you. Another way to connect and communicate with Angels is through intuition. Asariel is the Angel of Intuition and Insight, he encourages people to trust their inner-voice and act upon the guidance received. This Angel assists people with developing their creative imagination which is an essential part of manifesting your heart’s desires. What is intuition? It is a non-thought, a physical sensation which resonates in your Heart or Solar Plexus Chakra energy centers. It is the still-small voice or a thought that just “pops” into your mind. Intuition is not something that can be validated in the physical realm nor is it easily explained. It is the other voice, emotion or thought that is not from Ego mind chatter. Intuition is a knowing that resonates deep within your heart. It is a sense of absolute trust that what you are experiencing, sensing, thinking or feeling is centered in something, an energy that is not physical in nature. It is the “voice” that nudges forward along your path. It is a way of receiving guidance and messages that are for the most unexplainable. Whether you choose to connect with Angels through your dreams or choose to develop and expand your intuition, it requires more than practicing meditation. Either choice asks you to trust the information you receive, to have faith as you practice quieting your conscious mind, you open your inner channel connecting you with Divine Source.

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