Being Fearless in Life And Situations Where You Can be

There would have been situations where you must have been scared or feared something. The fear could be of water, life, death, accidents, etc. Much to the dismay of many people, fear is an inbuilt feeling that is there from the time you are born to your death. Psychologists have termed fear as a human disorder that could sometimes aggregate and lead to nervous disorder and death. There have been many cases where people have just died due to fear. Fear creates an intuition that something is wrong or is bad. This intuition has a drastic effect on your body. It increases your heartbeat which naturally puts pressure on the valves of your heart. With the pressure on the heart, your blood flows at a rapid speed resulting in increased blood pressure. One thing you all must know that fear can not only be frightening and scary but also debilitating. But there are ways and means to overcome it. It is simple and easy. Usually when you are scared, your mind triggers an emotion that alters you to protect yourself from perceived and potential danger. However, just because your mind detects what it thinks as a possible danger, this does not mean that the danger is real. Sometimes our mind overreacts and acts over-zealously when it focuses on self-protection. For example, you might be afraid of having an injection or about selecting a phone service like ATT Home Phone. You might get really anxious about taking exams or a driving test. Also you could be afraid of flying or heights. Anyway, whatever it is, deep down side; you still know that you have to be brave and these fears are irrational and stupid. But no matter how much you try to rationalize your fears you cannot seem to get your mind around these feelings. Being afraid is not bad. It is just a common behavior among all creatures especially humans. Seriously, you must have seen your pet cat or dog barking or its hair standing when it is scared or in an angry mood. You must know that fear is present in all living things and is unavoidable. Many people may say that they are fearless and not scared. Like all normal human beings, they are scared but they never show it outside. They keep it hidden in them and act like a courageous hero in the most intimidating situations. Such people know that this fear prevents from achieving success. Most inventors, revolutionist, thinkers have been able to overcome this fear to be successful. There is always a fear that you may fail and this fear keeps most people from achieving their goals. Frankly, you need to be bold and courageous in the line of failure. It doesn’t matter if you fail, because as most famous people say failure is the stepping stone to success. If you want to succeed, you need to constantly try to overcome this fear so that you known what failure is. This failure is the one that ignites you to try your best and the possible resources to achieve the much needed success. To deal with fear, you need to prepare yourself. Whenever you are scared, try to calm yourself. You could start by doing breathing exercise. Whatever the fear is, always tell yourself that it is just a passing phase and you can overcome it. You need to know that the fear is the interpretation of your mind and you need to try to calm your mind. Frankly, you need to just listen to what your heart says. Try to always look at the bright side of every situation.

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