Top Finance Certifications For a Professional

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If you are into working around with numbers and statistics and pose real life problem solving and analytical skills but you are confused whether which certification you should opt for in the financial world then you are in the right industry. People go for certification or an advanced degree to open new doors of opportunity in every professional field. There are numerous opportunities waiting around the corner in this vast and growing industry with many specializations but only a particular financial qualification or a certification can manifest the skill and mastery in respective areas which offer more job security, higher pay and a better chance of aggrandizement. Like other realms, there are various certifications in finance that hold visibility in the corporate world- to help rise up in the corporate ladder. With advancing years, the finance world has observed the growing value of few finance accreditation. So to get the ball rolling, you must identify your core areas and choose an industry where you fit in and choose the respective certification which ensures a growth in your career. These certifications are of great significance as a person with higher qualification and credentials are more often considered in the business domain which means more credentials you hold the less you have to worry about your job security. Each and every certification concentrates on a specific role a person needs to play in an organization. Based on various analyses in finance field across the globe, here is a list prepared that includes the best financial certifications of the current year: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certification CFA certification is known to be the most popular and valued certification in the global finance community which is offered globally by the CFA Institute to professionals. With over 50,000 students appearing for the exam worldwide the CFA Program provides a strong foundation in the fields of investment banking and analysis, economics and real-world portfolio management skills that will give you a career boost. Career Possibilities With CFA certification in your hands, you can excel as a financial analyst and word in the sectors like assets management, corporate banking, trading, mutual funds, risk management and many more. Many financial giants also promote to attain this credential so that the employees are more proficient and efficient in their role which makes the CFA holders a great value to them. Advantages Being a CFA Charter-holder, which is the most recognized qualification in the world of finance it becomes easier to be transferable across the markets and get associated with CFA member societies. And most important of all, it enhances your career in the field of finance immensely. Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Certification No matter what action you take there are risks involved which one must take care of. In the current economy of growing insecurity and rising business competition, risk management is stressed upon to deal and cope up during those situations which have led to a great demand of the peeps who are experienced in the field of risk management. FRM certification gives you the expertise to be a risk management specialist with vast understanding of handling money and investment effectively which is applied to real-life “risky” situations. FRM certification, offered by The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) is awarded after a candidate has passed two rigorous exams and demonstrated two years of relevant work experience. Career After receiving the FRM certification one can aim for positions such as Risk Quantification Manager, Credit risk specialist, Market risk specialist, Operational risk analysts, Regulatory risk analysts etc. However, if finance is your passion and calculative risk taking your specialty, then career as a FRM professional can be highly rewarding for you. Advantages FRM is a specialized exam for gaining expertise in Risk Management so if finance is your core field this is the certification for you to opt for. With a growing demand of experienced individuals it is exactly what the growing economic industry needs. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certification Certified Public Accountant certification is one of the most demanded and advanced accounting recognition offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants(AICPA) to professionals who opts to their career path to be in accounting and finance provided the person clears the four-part exam containing finance, auditing, regulation and business. A CPA certified professional has the proficiency and expertise in accounting, tax, risk management and other additional services and makes sure that the companies and firms work within the law with properly reporting of revenue and payment of taxes. The credential itself is considered to be high valued representing great commitment and accomplishment for the accounting professionals. Career Career opportunities include mainly MNCs and accounting firms. With the exceptional analytical and problem solving skills CPAs monitors a business’s financial activities and identify and resolve any issues that may arise. Keeping a track record and reports of revenue and taxes of the company and other financial services are the main roles of a CPA professional. Advantage From top MNCs to startups, CPA professionals are needed everywhere. If you love statistics and accounting then CPA certification is the road to become a “black belt accountant” for you. Also, being a CPA certification holder you will never have to worry about you salary package. Chartered Certified Accountants (CCA) Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the leading international accountancy body. If you have CCA qualification up your sleeves then you have the ability in all aspects of the business. With over 500,000 students in about 180 countries you will be among the world’s fastest emerging and growing profession of accountancy. Career Being a CCA Charter holder it could lead up to a straight one way road to working at the top MNCs anywhere around the globe because the certification Is globally recognized with designations like Chartered Accountant, Financial Accountant, Auditor, Tax consultant and many more. Working around with the company’s tax sheet and revenue sheet will be the primary task depending on the company. Advantage ACCA will mark your recognition in countries like Australia, Canada, UK and more so you have the advantage of travelling around the world for audits. And being a part of the fastest growing accountancy body, your understanding in the business and accountancy will surely raise the bar and competition with the sweet taste of success.

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