Why You Need to Put Yourself First in Every Situation


When it comes to telling women what to do, a lot of people will raise their voices! From our mothers passing on their “lessons of compromise” to all the chauvinists with their egoistic ideology, everyone has words to offer! It is you who has to take a stand and learn to put yourself first in all these situations. And no matter how much your natural feminine instincts will tell you to oblige with people, you have to be selfish! Being self-centred is way different from being the one who chooses herself.

Some circumstances will demand your integrity and stealth to be your first choice. And you have to be wise enough to identify these situations. We have chalked out some of the common scenarios where you must always put yourself first for once.

Work For Your Passion, Not Employers

Your job is for you to grow as an individual. Even if what you are doing is your passion, know your worth and say no to the overtime work you cannot handle. Employers do not come before your health and mental peace, and you must always choose the latter.

Choose Your Health, So It Chooses You

Compromising your health and mental peace just to fit in the shoes of a perfect wife, daughter and mother, is not a sane decision. If you do not learn to leave things and responsibilities on others to focus on yourself, your health will walk past your needs!

Intimacy Is Your Decision

The level of intimacy you want, your boundaries as an individual and your choices must have a place on the table of your love life. Draw a wall and choose you whenever you are uncomfortable!

Your Happiness Matters The Most

You need to take care of your happiness as much as your loved ones. Yes, their happiness will make you happy too, but do not lose yourself in those moments!

Future Over Family Ego

You should neither compromise your career choices nor marriage opinions for satisfying your family’s ego. If they are ready to risk your wishes for society, you should have the courage to tell them otherwise. Do not kill your feelings and dreams for a one-time celebration or happiness for your family.

Relish the experience of being your first choice and the feeling of empowerment. You are special in your special ways, and your flaws are a part of you too! Own up to everything and lead your life happily!

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