What Do’s & Don’ts Should You Follow While Making Your 1st Video

Corporate videos are a must if you are serious about making an impression with your business in the corporate arena. It is one of the best marketing strategies that work for sure and yields some of the best results. The Statistic shows a conversion rate of about 80% in companies and websites where videos have been used. Sometimes by including a video in the email the click amount increases by nearly 200-300%. Producing a corporate video is not easy because it takes time, effort and also experience. You will have to hire the expertise of the productionfor completing the projects. But even if you are doing so there are certain do’s and don’ts that you should be following. Keep in Mind the Length The industry is constantly evolving and there are newer parameters that have to be met constantly. There is constantly something that has to be learnt and incorporated into the videos so that they can be better optimized or presented in front of the viewers. Whatever the kind of corporate video you are making the length has to be kept in mind. If it is too long it is likely to make the audience bored. Remember that you are opting for the video format because it is likely to keep the audience glued to the screens. Must Have a Call-To Action A call-to-action is extremely important while you are making the video because it can lead to engagement as well finally conversions. In case the video is of a new launch or a particular product then it encourages the customer to contact the company or go to the product page. This gives the entire video a sense of direction. Include Colorful Pictures Colorful visuals make the videos vibrant and good-looking as well as entertaining which is the primary motive of creating them. By hiring the best video production company you are ensuring that they opt for the best-known methods to make a successful corporate video production. Do it Alone The don’t that you should keep in mind include hiring out the entire work to a TV commercial production company who do a good job. Corporate video production is a time-taking thing so it’s best not to remove the marketing team from their job. If you are working with a proper video production company you can always keep a tab on the amount of progress. They will also contact you for the final story-boarding, interviews, editing and video production. Stay Away from a Long Sales Pitch If the video includes a very long sales pitch then it might be good to delete it. Any audience is least likely to sit up through one. Videos should be engaging and interesting rather than with a long speech at the beginning on a particular topic. The video is supposed to help in the branding of the company so it is best to focus on the missions and visions of the company along with the products that it manufactures. You can also focus on the usefulness of each of these so that customers can be aware of what they are buying. Minding these do’s and don’ts is the best way in which you can make an interesting and successful corporate video which when properly marketed and shared will influence viewers hugely.